Oxygenating Mask


Oxygenating Mask is an oxygenating preparatory face mask that cleanses and
energizes the skin. Its formula prepares the skin for the application of serum and/or
cream. Removes dirt and provides nutrients, which helps strengthen the
hydrolipidic barrier. Prepares the skin to enhance the results of the daily beauty

Oxygenating Mask is a true cosmetic innovation thanks to its combination of:

ACTIVE OXYGEN: Brightens the skin. Its action causes an improvement in the skin
GLUCOCLEAN: Natural cleanser. A sulfate-free active ingredient derived from
glucose that gently cleanses.
C-ENERGY: energizing active ingredient of botanical origin.

Oxygenating preparatory face mask that transforms from a fluid gel to an
effervescent foam, providing a delicate micro-massage. With Oxygenating Mask,
the skin is cleansed, radiant, and has a sublime silky feel, perfectly prepared for
the application of your daily beauty routine.

Suitable for all skin types, especially for fatigued skin requiring cleansing and

Apply in the morning or evening before your daily skin care routine. Wet your face
and neck with water and spread the product over your skin (avoiding the eye
contour). Massage with circular movements and leave
on for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly to remove. For a double cleansing protocol,
we recommend applying the multifunctional cleanser or Three Action Peel
exfoliating gel, followed by the Oxygenating Mask. With Oxygenating Mask, the
skin is perfectly prepared for the application of your usual serum and/or cream.

Pickup available at 127 E 59th Street New York NY 10022

Usually ready in 24 hours

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