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The eyes are one of the most expressive areas of the face and suffer daily involuntary micro-contractions that accelerate the appearance of wrinkles. Drooping eyelids, eye bags, dark circles, frown lines and periorbital wrinkles (crow’s feet) are the main signs that age the eyes. All are caused by lack of tissue firmness, lack of hydration, as well as general thinning and aging of the skin.

To combat the negative effects of these factors that damage the eye contour, CASMARA has created an advanced formula that globally and effectively rejuvenates the eyes.

The Eye Perfection massage glasses are the first step in the Eye Perfection treatment. Their goal is to help to reduce the signs of fatigue and stress around the eyes, as well as providing an intense feeling of relaxation. You can enjoy some moments of intense relaxation and a pleasing sensory experience, thanks to the air-compression massage, thermal massage, vibration massage and relaxing music.

The next step after the pressotherapy glasses is the application of the professional EYE PERFECTION treatment, which contains 6 SINGLE-USE PHASES including an innovative cream-texture peel-off mask and an exclusive ALGAE PEEL-OFF MASK, enriched with platinum and specific active ingredients to treat the eye contour.

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