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Casmara RE6TENSE Mask 2060 1 Unit Firming Soothing Peel Off Mask Gel (100 ml) + Powder (25 gr)

  • Peel off mask based on marine algae extracts, kiwi extract and poppy seeds.
  • Forms a real cell stimulator that has vitamin C, refreshing, soothing and firming effects on the skin.
  • Mask is especially recommended for flaccid skin, lacking in firmness.

Dear Customers! To your attention here is a highly renowned Casmara RE6TENSE MASK 2060 made by professional cosmetics brand CASMARA, Spain (Valencia). Its ingredients clarify the skin, while revitalizing and encouraging collagen regeneration.The mask solidifies and forms a plastic mask on the face to lift the skin while its main active ingredient kiwi fruit, super rich in vitamin C and trace elements, provides excellent nutrition for the repair of the skin. The mask also utilizes poppy seeds which add calming and soothing properties to the mask.

Application: 1. Empty the contents of the first package (GEL) and the second package (POWDER) into the bowl. 2. Stir both phases with a spatula for about 30 seconds forming a smooth substance. 3. Set your alarm for 15-20 minutes and start applying the mask with a spatula onto the face within about 4 minutes until the mask sets. Cover your lips and eyes at the very end. 4. Settle yourself in a lying position and relax. Leave the mask to act for about 15-20 minutes. 5. Remove the mask in one piece. Note: Parcel contains 1 Gel sachet and 1 Powder sachet

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