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Casmara Purifying Oxygenating Treatment Set with 2 Peel Off Masks Included

  • Purifying and Oxygenating Treatment Set.
  • Protects against pollution, dead skin cells and dirt.
  • Stimulates skin at all levels.

Dear Customers!

To your attention here is a unique CASMARA PURIFYING TREATMENT SET.

The box contains 2 sessions of highly effective facial treatments. PURIFYING Treatment is an exclusive purifying-oxygenating beauty plan that revolutionizes facial skincare protocols with Cosmetic Drone Technology and pure oxygen.

Purifying Treatment is a revolutionary cleansing treatment that purifies the skin at all levels.

This facial eliminates the layer of superficial pollutants and eases the removal of blackheads. Internally, it detoxifies the cells, oxygenates and energizes them, prolonging their life and allowing them to function better.

Purifying Treatment allows your skin to breathe freely. It is suitable for all skin types, including those with a delicate, reactive or sensitive skin. It may be used all year round.

Action: - Provides pure oxygen directly to the cell. - Improves the cell breathing process. - Encourages the movement of oxygen in the skin.

Active ingredients

Open Pore: Advanced purifying technique made of natural oils, hydrolysed oat and natural surfactants that provide the latest quality in skin cleansing. Dilating the pore and softening the blackhead to ease its removal. The perfect blend of its components helps the skin treated to be micro-relaxed.

Chlorella Drone-Tech Innovative active ingredient made of the COSMETIC DRONE TECHNOLOGY with micro encapsulated Chlorella (algae rich in chlorophyll, vitamins, proteins and essential amino acids). Lets the cell successfully transform the energy into metabolic light.

Oxigeno Activo: It is a revolutionary system which liberates pure oxygen. It exponentially increases the metabolic activity, optimizes the process of cell reproduction.

The set contains 2 treatments each composed of 6 phases.

Size: 1 Box containing 2 Treatment Sessions



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