Body Treatments

Deep Cleansing Back Therapy

Deep Cleansing Back Therapy by Body Therapy. A face and body treatment designed to relax the mind, reduce stress and help you fall asleep. It helps reduce toxins from the system through self-massage and cupping of the lower back area. Massages your muscles and relieve tightness in your back and neck.

Our Deep Cleansing Back Therapy is a body treatment that uses a special high-frequency back massage, followed by a professional exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, allowing your body to rejuvenate more quickly. This treatment also includes stretching and powerful circulation to the vasculature for improved blood flow, lymphatic drainage and stress relief.

New Skin Scrub & Massage 

The clean and deep exfoliation of the scrub, along with the massage, will leave your skin feeling like brand new.

Our newest Skin Treatment formula is designed to help revitalize your skin and stimulate the production of collagen, making you look and feel younger. The active ingredients in this product are able to penetrate the outer layer of dead or damaged skin cells caused by stress and environmental damage.

Our exclusive formulation will give your face a gentle exfoliation, leaving it softer and smoother with increased hydration and toning.

Mineral Salt Body Polish

A gentle and effective treatment for your body, Mineral Salt Body Polish absorbs quickly and penetrates to deeply hydrate and instantly soothe dry, damaged skin.

Deeply cleanse, exfoliate and polish your body with this soft clay salt body scrub. It's not only super easy to use but its unexpected benefits are sure to impress!